Monday, July 2, 2007

Protection against Product Liability Suits

Manufacturers and retailers have been the growing target of the more recent trend in personal injury cases – product liability claims. A growing number of consumers, especially in California, are now getting bolder in filing product liability claims for injuries because of defective products.

Although some or most of the claims are with basis, the jury verdicts on these cases have been increasing all the time. There were even cases where claimants were awarded huge sums of damages against products that caused them injuries even if there were abuse or misuse of said products.

Statistics show that the highest jury verdicts awards are against automobile defects and medical claims. However, not all product manufacturers are safe from product liability claims.

The best thing to do to be protected from product liability suits if you are a manufacturer of goods or products is risk management. You can never go wrong with product liability insurance protection.

A lot of insurance company offers manufacturers coverage from product recalls, intentional product tampering or adulteration for intentional and malicious destruction or sabotage of products and product rejection or condemnation where insurance companies are assured that their exports will not be condemned by importing countries.

If you want to be assured of damage control from product liability claims, your exposure will be limited by securing product liability insurance today.